Aviation on Film
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Regardless of being momentarily grounded during the current health and wellness crisis, we usually take flight for approved. But the discovery of flight as well as the capacity
Back Fork Review
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Back Fork is a small-town West Virginia drama about a man who has become a sawmill worker and is suffering from a painful back injury. To ease his
Candy Corn Purple
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Candy corn is a classic Halloween treat. The tri-colored treat can be enjoyed by all ages and is perfect for kids’ Halloween parties. This colorway of the candy
Pudd’nhead Wilson Movie Review
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Pudd’nhead Wilson is a comedy centered around the character of lawyer David Wilson. He’s a careful scholar, but he has quirky tastes and his eccentricity is misunderstood by
Painting Into a Corner
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Painting into a corner is a lot simpler than painting the rest of the wall. It’s also a lot faster, and the best way to get the best
Flip Wilson – The First Black Stand Up Comedy Star
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Flip Wilson’s early years were filled with hardship and poverty. He spent time in a reform school and a foster home. At sixteen he joined the Air Force,
How Old Was Anna Todd When She Wrote After?
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Anna Todd never went to college and married a month after she graduated high school. After that, she worked at a makeup counter and at an IRS processing
The World Smile Foundation
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The smiley face is an iconic symbol of happiness. Originally created by Harvey Ball in 1963, it has come to represent good will and cheerfulness. In his later