A Salute to TV Moms for Mother’s Day

A Salute to TV Moms for Mother's Day photo 0

television mothers. Some are sweet as well as caring. Others are loving and also rigorous. Some are dingbats or monsters. Yet, regardless of what, we like them. Let’s have a look (in no certain order) at some favorite television mothers.

Lucy Ricardo

From the moment Lucy informed Ricky that she was expecting (they couldn’t say pregnant on TV then )on I Love Lucy, to the birth of Little Ricky (and also the episode’s massive rankings), to the moment she attempted to obtain Superman to show up at Little Ricky’s party, Lucille Round ended up being a TV mama classic.

Thelma Harper also known as: Mom

Starting as part of the “Household illustrations on The Carol Burnett Program, and then dilating onto her own show Mama’s Family members, Vicki Lawrence brought the irritable character of Mama to life.

Wilma Flintstone

The Flintstones ventured right into brand-new territory for a cartoon. Wilma’s maternity was a subject that really hadn’t took place before. Birds would hatch out eggs as well as bunnies would unbelievably have hundreds of kids, yet a real human maternity and also trip to the medical facility was something new.

Laura Petrie

On The Prick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore portrayed Laura Petrie, a very early 60s mom. Who can ever before forget the time her other half Rob thought they had accidentally brought home the incorrect child?

Marie Barone as well as Theresa Falco

2 various characters were given birth to by Doris Roberts. As Everyone Loves Raymond’s Marie Barone, she was a caring mommy and also over-bearing mother-in-law. Previously, she depicted Theresa Falco on Angie, the working-class mommy of Donna Pescow’s Angie as well as Debralee Scott’s Marie, as well as mother-in-law to Robert Hays’ Brad. Cat Forman

The mommy from That 70’s Show, had her share of common 70s issues to deal with. Perfectly played by Debra Jo Rupp, Kitty Forman held the family members, as well as expanded family together.

Elyse Keaton

Counter-culture mother, Elyse Keaton, played by Meredith Baxter-Birney, had her hands full with her spouse and also their very 80s kids on Family members Ties.

Florida Evans

Florida Evans (Esther Rolle) was the very first housekeeper on Maude, and after that she was the matriarch of her very own program Prosperity. Staying in a Chicago tenement with her other half James and their three children, she fought economic challenges, and also life in the city, all while keeping her family unit strong.

Samantha Stephens as well as Endora

The comedy Allured gave us two great TV mommies. Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery) was your typical suv homemaker, eventual mommy to 2 & hellip; and a witch. Her severe mommy Endora (Agnes Moorehead) made life intriguing for Samantha and also her husband Darrin (initially Penis York and later Dick Sargent).

Marge Simpson

TELEVISION’s longest-running mother (34 years, and also counting, as of 2021) on The Simpsons, Marge Simpson, articulated by Julie Kavner, hasn’t aged one bit given that the start. That is fairly a feat when you take into consideration that she has to emulate spouse Homer, as well as youngsters Bart, Lisa, and also Maggie.

Maggie Seaver

Tireless journalist, Maggie Seaver (Joanna Kerns), elevated 3, eventually four, kids and her husband, Jason (Alan Thicke) on Expanding Pains.

Ann Romano

Recently divorced Ann Romano (Bonnie Franklin) uprooted her 2 little girls (Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Philips) as well as moved to an apartment or condo in a brand-new city to begin her life over on Eventually at once.

Marion Cunningham

On Happy Days, Marion Cunningham (Marion Ross) was a mommy to Richie, Joanie, and indeed & hellip; Chuck), as well as picked mom to The Fonz et cetera of the gang. She held her very own with every one of them.

Debra Barone and Frankie Hell

Patricia Heaton brought two television mothers to our TV displays, Everybody Loves Raymond’ s Debra, as well as The Middle’

s Frankie Hell. Peggy Hillside On King of the Hill, Peggy Hillside, voiced by Kathy Najimy, was the center of factor as well as sanity in between her partner, Hank and also boy, Bobby. Peggy, that thinks she can talk well-versed Spanish, worked as a replacement educator, in some cases in a Spanish course.

Harriette Winslow

The matriarch of the main family on Family members Matters was Harriette Winslow (originally Jo Marie Payton and also later on Judyann Senior). She was mommy to three youngsters, and also a protector (eventually) of next-door neighbor Steve Urkel (Jaleel White).

Jane Jetson

The space-age mommy on The Jetsons, Jane Jetson, (articulated by Cent Singleton, Blondie Bumstead of the Blondie collection of movies), could press the Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle buttons like nobody else. Partner George, child Judy, and also child Elroy kept her busy.

Carol Brady

The mom of television’s original combined family members, The Brady Lot, Carol Brady (Florence Henderson)tops lots of checklists of favored television mommies, and with great reason, she saw her children through all of the usual trials as well as adversities, their many attempts at ending up being singing celebrities, and also maturing Brady.

Roseanne Connor

Lower middle-class Roseanne Connor was the facility of the show Roseanne. Played by Roseanne Barr, in a continuation of the “domestic goddess” character from her standup routine, Roseanne was not your regular apron as well as pearl-wearing TV mommy.

Clair Huxtable

Clair Huxtable, represented by Phylicia Rashāā d, was an attorney by career, and also mommy to five children on The Cosby Program. The character developed gradually to show the means the American mom/housewife role had changed.

Lily Munster

In her unusual family members, The Munsters, Lily Munster (Yvonne DeCarlo) was a vampiress who was wed to Frankenstein-esque Herman (Fred Gwynne), as well as the mother of Wolfman-esque Eddie (Butch Patrick).

Carol Foster Lambert

Detailed was a 90s update on The Brady Lot facility of a mixed household where a solitary man with three youngsters, as well as a single woman with 3 children, locate love, and get married. Detailed’& rsquo; s mother, that was likewise named Carol, was played by Suzanne Somers.

Rainbow Johnson

Rainbow “Bow; Johnson (Tracee Ellis-Ross) was elevated on a neighborhood, grew up to be a physician, mother of five, as well as partner to Andre (Anthony Anderson), on Black-ish.

Shirley Partridge

Take a widow, her five musical youngsters, and also a converted school bus, and you have The Partridge Family members. Shirley Partridge (Shirley Jones) reluctantly joined the group with her youngsters, leading them via their several misadventures on the road and in the house.

Morticia Addams

Based upon the Charles Addams characters, The Addams Family members brought these characters to TV. Mother to Pugsley as well as Wednesday, Morticia Addams (Carolyn Jones) was the posh as well as attractive partner of Gomez (John Astin).

Edith Shelter

Referred to as ”you dingbat by spouse Archie(Carroll O’ Connor )on Done In the Family Members, Edith Shelter was played to ditzy excellence by Jean Stapleton. Edith was the loving mommy to Gloria (Sally Struthers), and also mother-in-law to Gloria’s husband, Mike– aka: Meathead (Rob Reiner).

Sophia Petrillo

The lady with no ”function, Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty) was Dorothy’s mommy on The Golden Girls. You never knew what she would claim next.

June Cleaver

“Ward, Im bothered with The Beav.” June Cleaver always had something to fret about with her youngest on Leave it to Beaver. Her teen-aged kid, Wally, would have his problems, also. Barbara Billingsley played her with a calm and reassuring disposition (and her ever-present pearls).

Jessica Huang

The practical mommy on Fresh Off the Watercraft, Jessica Huang (Constance Wu), relied on hard love as well as maintaining the family members’s heritage. Her brood of three young sons, husband, as well as mother-in-law all proved to be a handful.

Ethical Mentions

While not actual mommies to their TV family members, the following “mothers deserve our praise as well.


Constable Andy Taylor’ s Aunt (Frances Bavier) helped support and direct Opie through his childhood years on The Andy Griffith Program.

Mr. French

Gentlemen’s Gentleman, Mr. French (Sebastian Cabot), ended up being a reluctant, then caring as well as caring nanny to 3 orphans, Buffy, Jody, and Cissy, on Family Members Event.

Edna Garrett

Initially on Diff’ rent Strokes and afterwards on The Facts of Life, Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae) was far more than a housekeeper or school headmistress.

Nell Harper

Gim me a Break’s brassy, live-in house cleaner, Nell Harper (Nell Carter) assisted increase 3 women for a widowed authorities principal, occasionally also showcasing her singing talents.

Fran Penalty

Ending up being an unintentional baby-sitter, Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) aids elevate 3 abundant kids on The Nanny.

Bub/ Uncle Charley

Widower Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray) initially had his father-in-law Bub (William Frawley) help increase his 3 children on My Three Boys. When Bub went back to Ireland to celebrate his Aunt Kate’s 104th birthday celebration, Uncle Charley (William Demarest) loaded the role of caretaker to the boys.

Ernie Keeton, that composes from his office in Maryland, wants to desire all mamas a really Satisfied Mother’s Day.

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