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For lots of, tea is greater than simply a drink. It is a process.

Teas are consumed in virtually every nation worldwide, second only to water in its appeal. In 2016, proof of tea from the plant genus Camellia was discovered in the burial place of Emperor Jing of Han in Xi’& rsquo; an, and tea was mentioned in Han dynasty text of 59 BC. As well as a medical message by Hua Tuo on the 3rd netury AD specified that “& ldquo; to consume alcohol bitter [teas] regularly makes one believe much better.”

& rdquo; Tea beverages can be made from greater than the tea plant (Camellia sinensis), which is an evergreen bush or tree in the plant household Theaceae. In keeping with the suggestion that tea is more than a leaf, we checked out some prominent –– and also some uncommon –– teas around the globe:


Rooibos is a tea that is made from fermented fallen leaves of an indigenous South African bush, Aspalathus linearis bush. This pretty red tea is a caffeine-free alternative to teas from the tea plant, and has a soothing however rather bitter flavor. The rooibos plant can just be expanded in a particular component of South Africa. Rooibos is low in tannins and contains antioxidants which can quit cell-damage from free radicals in the body, and also may reduce cholesterol levels.

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rooibos tea


Toureg tea is a Moroccan beverage made from green tea leaves, mint as well as sugar. When a visitor is offered this typical beverage, they are expected to happily approve 3 portions. As the saying goes, “& ldquo; The initial glass is as mild as life, the 2nd is as strong as love, the third is as bitter as fatality.”

& rdquo;

Karkade This Egyptian tea is made from the hibiscus flower, and is thought to be a preferred cooling beverage of the ancient pharaohs. The ruby-red tea is consisted of in traditional Egyptian events, yet is no longer booked for nobility. Loaded with Vitamin C and also flavonoids, hibiscus teas are thought to reduced high blood pressure as well as blood sugar level degrees, and assist with anxiety.

Yerba Companion

Unlike caffeine-free rooibos, yerba mate will give you a coffee-like boost. It is made from the leaves of a holly shrub (Ilex paraguariensis) that expands in the rainforests of South America. It is typically served in a group vessel with individual straws constructed from steel. You may or might not like its distinct taste, however you can’& rsquo; t ignore the health and wellness benefits –– the tea is abundant in amino acids and polyphenols that may secure against heart problem as well as lower cholesterol.

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Bubble tea

This tea is a newborn in the tea world. Additionally known as boba or black pearl tea, bubble tea was developed in the 1980s, as well as is made from milk, tea, sugar, and pudding. Pudding produces the “& ldquo; bubbles & rsquo; in the beverage, and also air bubbles are added by shaking the tea before offering.

bubble tea

Panda Dung Tea

Yep –– this tea is grown just in Ya’& rsquo; an in the Sichuan district of China. It isn’& rsquo; t made from the poo of those charming little black as well as white bears. It actually gets its name from the plant food made use of to grow the tea plants. Pandas soak up extremely little of the nutrients in the food they consume –– bamboo. The tea growers make use of dung from neighboring reproduction centers to feed their plant. And they make a helpful $200 per favorite.

Vancouver Fog

Tale has it that a pregnant customer started buying this at a coffee shop in Vancouver. The beverage, which contains Earl grey tea, fit to be tied milk, as well as vanilla, swiftly ended up being popular as a favorite drink in British Columbia. Chain coffee and also tea stores detail it on menus around the world, occasionally going by the tag of London Haze.

Omija tea

Equated from Korean, the name implies “& ldquo; five-flavor berry.” & rdquo; And also the resulting tea is an acquired preference, as it uses salty, bitter, wonderful, pungence, and sour tastes to the tongue. The tea includes lignans, relied on Chinese medicine to lower blood pressure as well as purify the kidneys, in addition to equilibrium the qi, or life force.

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