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Candy corn is a classic Halloween treat. The tri-colored treat can be enjoyed by all ages and is perfect for kids’ Halloween parties. This colorway of the candy is also suitable for Christmas parties. You can customize the colors of the candy corn to suit the theme of the event. You can also find it in other festive colors, such as red, green and white.

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It is not known if the candy corn is toxic, but some researchers are concerned that the dyes used to color it are carcinogenic. One such dye, Yellow 6, is a known carcinogen. In animal tests, it caused tumors. The Center for Science in the Public Interest published a report on food dyes, which also warned that yellow 5 may contain carcinogenic substances.

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The candy corn color is controversial. Some people love it while others hate it. However, it is still a popular Halloween treat. In recent years, new flavors have been introduced. There are now blackberry cobbler flavors, which are perfect for fall. These are also a great choice for trick-or-treating.

Although naming your candy corn based on a vegetable may sound appealing, this sweet treat has very little medicinal value. In fact, candy corn contains twelve ingredients – not all of them are sugar. It contains four different types of sweeteners, including corn syrup and dextrose, and a variety of food dyes that are sometimes vilified for their adverse effects. If you’d rather enjoy the flavor of candy corn without the guilt, you can purchase it in bulk at a wholesaler such as Candy Warehouse.

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