Wojo’s World®: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
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Generally, I put on’& rsquo; t requirement visuals to accompany my column, yet today I do. See that image that shows what happens when you’& rsquo; re on
Wojo’s World®: Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)
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Throughout the pandemic, lots of people began buying what they required online. Some also began buying lots of what they didn’& rsquo; t demand online . I fell
Wojo’s World®: Closing Time
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My late Mama was a genuine journey. She was strong, kind, and amusing. She was additionally straight to the point, no BS, “& ldquo; inform it like it
Wojo’s World®: Stop the Stalking Already!
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Bear in mind in the past, when you could make a consultation—– any kind of kind of visit—– and you would create it in your schedule? Then, you
Wojo’s World®: Your Dinner, Sir
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Our pet dog, Riley, is among the most laid-back, Type B, chillin’& rsquo;-like-a-villain pups that we’& rsquo; ve ever had . Other than when it comes to his
Wojo’s World®: Mourning the Morning
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Many people believe that I’& rsquo; m an early morning individual since I tend to get up actually early. I’am. Sorta. However I & rsquo; m not a
Wojo’s World®: The Bloody Truth
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I have buddies in England as well as Wales, and I enjoy when they utilize the term “& ldquo; bloody & rdquo; instead of your average curse word.
Wojo’s World®: Don’t Like the Weather? Wait 5 Minutes.
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As I sit below in my home office in Maryland creating this column, it is still winter months. It’& rsquo; s late February, as well as springtime doesn
Wojo’s World®: Different Is as Different Does
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To claim that I’& rsquo; m different is a bit of a cliche. After all, unless you’& rsquo; re component of identical twins, triplets, etc, we’& rsquo; re
Wojo’s World®: Retinal Rage
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Not quite two years ago, I went to an authors’ & rsquo; meeting. After I got a shower one early morning, I looked into the mirror in the