Wojo’s World®: Mothra vs. Wojo
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It was a typical, sunny day in the land of Wojo. As well as in her office, our heroine read through some notes on her workdesk, preparing to
Wojo’s World®: Trash Talking
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I lately opened the wastebasket in our cooking area and also almost went down dead. It wasn’& rsquo; t because it stank(’let & rsquo; s face it, though,
Wojo’s World®: Grocery Stores: Not Just Selling Canned Goods Anymore
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As the pandemic restrictions have actually started training, I’& rsquo; ve occasionally ventured back right into shops of all kinds: garments, housewares, equipment, you call it (And also
Wojo’s World®: Doggies Can You Hear Me?
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Research has actually shown that the ordinary pet has the ability to listen to sounds that are four times further away than humans can. What the study in
Wojo’s World®: Observations, Rants, and a Kick in the Pants
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Occasionally, I such as to do among these columns. It’& rsquo; s not going to have to do with a details topic. However instead, points that have frustrated
Wojo’s World®: Phishing for Dates
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I like social media. There, I claimed it. I know that a great deal of individuals wear’& rsquo; t like it due to the fact that it can
Wojo’s World®: Why Can’t Sleeping Dogs Lie…in One Spot?
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Our pet dogs, Riley and also Mae, are truly, actually charming & hellip; And it’& rsquo; s this cuteness that, some days—– or in this instance, evenings—– is