Country Singer and MTV’s Real World Reality Star Jon Brennan Tells His “True Story”

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Jon Brennan reviews his very early life, his jobs on The Real World as well as The Real Life Homecoming: Los Angeles, and exactly how he ain’& rsquo; t done vocal singing yet. In the early 1990s, MTV was substantial. And also its fact show The Real World was even bigger.

When we needed to wait a week to enjoy each episode or tape-record an all-day marathon, each period of the show left us waiting for even more. The roommates ended up celebs, at least temporarily, since The Real World was pretty much the only fact show on television at the time.

Jon Brennan, was an 18-year-old country music singer from Owensboro, Kentucky as well as was just one of the flatmates on Season 2: Los Angeles. (If you viewed the program, you’& rsquo; ll remember his vocal singing of the words “& ldquo; real tale & rdquo; in the

show & rsquo; s opening.) However he practically wasn & rsquo; t on the show.

He desired’absolutely nothing to do with MTV “or the collection originally. This isn & rsquo; t where his & ldquo; true tale & rdquo; begins, however. We & rsquo; re going back a little bit more first

. His Beginnings

While Brennan counts Kentucky his residence, he was actually born in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His father, Dan Brennan, functioned as an FBI Representative, so the Brennan family members moved a lot. His mother, Happiness, worked as a lawful secretary as well as raised their 3 kids: Jon’& rsquo; s older sibling, Dollar, and his younger sibling, Katie Herron.

Brennan obtained his love for c and w from his dad. “& ldquo; He was always into Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, as well as George Jones,” & rdquo; recalls Brennan. & ldquo; When I was old enough to drive about in the auto with father, we resided in Phoenix metro, [Arizona], as well as he would always have country music playing. That’& rsquo; s when I began to sing along. & rdquo;

His favorite musical team was Alabama, and also he got their cassette tape and also would blast their tune “& ldquo; Roll On 18-Wheeler,” & rdquo; while singing together with it at the top of his lungs. That was when his mom, that sang in the church choir, realized that her boy could sing.

That’& rsquo; s what caused Brennan being associated with baseball—– not as a gamer, however instead singing The National Anthem at his bro Dollar’& rsquo; s baseball video games. As eight-year-old Jon got made use of to doing that, his daddy helped him take an even bigger stop. Dan happened to know somebody with the Phoenix metro Suns, the NBA basketball group, and Jon reached sing The National Anthem prior to one of their video games also. “& ldquo; That was awesome, & rdquo;

Brennan remembers. While he would routinely sing at church, at that time, this was the degree of Brennan’& rsquo; s singing. Till, that is, the household relocated to Owensboro.

Courtesy of Jon Brennan

Goldie’& rsquo; s Finest Little Opryhouse in Kentucky When Brennan was beginning high school, his household relocated to Owensboro, Kentucky. He remembers that at a school ability show, he sang a Garth Brooks’ & rsquo; song called” & ldquo; The Dance. & rdquo; He likewise found an area called Goldie & rsquo; s Finest Little Opryhouse that would alter his life.

“& ldquo; I would check in there to sing on Friday evenings, & rdquo; Brennan remembers. Throughout Open Mic, he would certainly sing with your home band. “& ldquo; That & rsquo; s where I really started to establish as a performer.”

& rdquo; Brennan came to be a tourist attraction at Goldie & rsquo; s, as well as she started to pay him “. & ldquo; I sang there for 30 years. Every Friday and Saturday evening, that’& rsquo; s where I was.’In secondary school, I wasn & rsquo; t out creating difficulty. I went to Goldie & rsquo; s on the weekend, making gas and also insurance coverage cash because I had” a vehicle, & rdquo; he says. & ldquo; That was my high school work, and she paid me well. Individuals would come and pay to hear me sing. I became a tourist attraction.”

& rdquo; In the early 1990s, c and w took off throughout the country. Brennan says that also individuals who didn’& rsquo; t like country music, therefore, began listening to it.

Back then, 17-year-old Brennan decided he was mosting likely to make singing country music his life. He determined to participate in Belmont University in Nashville while he tried to succeed.

After that MTV came calling.

Found in Nashville

When Brennan remained in Nashville, a precursor for The Real life: Los Angeles, who was looking for a singer approached him. “& ldquo; Are you a vocalist? & rdquo; the individuals asked. Brennan responded, “& ldquo; Guy, you & rsquo; re in Nashville; every person & rsquo;

s a singer. & rdquo; The man asked him regarding himself: where he was from, concerning his vocal singing, then told Brennan he was seeking somebody to be on this MTV program’. Brennan & rsquo; s action? & ldquo; I & rsquo; m not amazed with MTV, as well as I put on & rsquo; t know what you & rsquo; re speaking about. & rdquo; The scout informed him about the show shot in New york city City, just how it was a significant offer, as well as about just how Brennan would certainly stay in a house with various other flatmates in Los Angeles. Then he asked Brennan,’& ldquo; Don & rsquo; t you truly wish to

“be on’this show? & rdquo; & ldquo; No, I put on & rsquo; t. “That sounds actually stupid, & rdquo; Brennan recalls claiming. & ldquo; I & rsquo;

m right here in Nashville, where I want to be. & rdquo; However the precursor was undeterred. Lastly, Brennan consented to fill out paperwork for the manufacturers “& ldquo; So he & rsquo;d leave me alone. & rdquo; Soon after, he received a phone call from Mary-Ellis Bunim, among the designers of the program. Bunim spoke with him concerning being on the show, and again he transformed her down. “& ldquo; I was literally 17. I finished secondary school young, and I remained in my very first term of university at Belmont, right there on Songs Row in Nashville, where I thought I was destined to be the next Garth Brooks,” & rdquo; says Brennan

. Bunim then claimed something to Brennan that would at some point change his mind. “& ldquo; Jon, have you ever thought about just how being on the program could actually help you with promotion as well as spark your c and w profession?” & rdquo; she asked. He still turned her down. The following day, Bunim called him one final time and also claimed, “& ldquo; Jon, we really require to make a decision very soon, and also we really want you. We assume you’& rsquo;d be excellent for the show. & rdquo; He asked the length of time it was. She informed him 20 weeks.

For the first time, Brennan thought about doing it. He says that he was failing college algebra at the time as well as really missing house. He wondered if he just wasn’& rsquo; t cut out for college nevertheless “. & ldquo; It just began sounding cool,” & rdquo; he laughs. & ldquo; After that I thought, & lsquo; Exactly how am I’going to tell my mother and father that I & rsquo; m thinking about moving to The golden state and being on MTV? I could as well inform them I was joining the circus.”

& rdquo; Being a Star On June 22

, 1993, Brennan flew from Los Angeles back to Nashville. The very first episode of The Real life: Los Angeles aired the very same day. All of a sudden, it seemed like everybody recognized that Brennan was.

In seemingly no time at all, he appeared on talk shows, he obtained a manager, Capitol Records signed him, and also he took place trip. “& ldquo; I was opening up for Alabama, George Jones, Tim McGraw. I did a great deal of programs by myself where I was the piece de resistance, but they were much smaller sized crowds. But I signed autographs for two or 3 hours after each program. I circumnavigated on a tour bus as well as was a nation star,” & rdquo; claims Brennan. & ldquo; The only issue was, I didn & rsquo; t have a hit document. Nobody understood my music. I was singing some covers as well as some original product. However they literally billed me as ‘& lsquo; Jon Brennan from MTV & rsquo; s Real World.’& rsquo; I wasn & rsquo; t the man you heard on’the radio. I don & rsquo; t wish to claim it was short-term, but it did finish around 1999-2000. Everything quit since they maintained making [brand-new seasons], as well as I was old news by then.”

& rdquo; Brennan describes just how his celeb quit. “& ldquo; Capitol Records never ever launched an album with me. They authorized a man named Trace Adkins, and also they called me and stated, ‘& lsquo; We & rsquo; re selecting this individual; we & rsquo; re going to let you go.’” You & rsquo; ll discover another tag. & rsquo; & rdquo; Yet Brennan didn & rsquo; t since after his label dropped him, a perfect tornado occurred that would

end his c and w occupation. Brennan claims that his manager called him one evening while intoxicated and also cussed him out. Brennan, who has actually been a Christian all his life, claimed that he didn’& rsquo; t wish to deal with him anymore. After that Brennan’& rsquo; s reserving representative– that was likewise Garth Brooks & rsquo; scheduling agent at the time—– passed away. Brennan believed that after every little thing settled down, he would certainly collect yourself, get new depiction, and after that obtain a new document offer.

However the music company had actually transformed. “& ldquo; When I got to Nashville at 18, they stated, ‘& lsquo; You & rsquo; re truly great, however you & rsquo; re simply sort of young. We’& rsquo; re not mosting likely to sign an 18-year-old,’” & rsquo; & rdquo; Brennan remembers. & ldquo; Rapid forward 10 years later, when I’& rsquo; m 28, ‘as well as they claimed, & lsquo; Well, now we & rsquo; re seeking truly young acts.’ & rsquo; I & rsquo; m like– you & rsquo; ve reached be kidding me.”

& rdquo; Brennan started doing songs at a church as well as assumed it was mosting likely to be short-lived. He ended up ending up being a young people pastor and working in the ministry for virtually two decades.

Following Actions

For almost 20 years, Brennan led songs and young adults at various churches. He traveled to different components of the U.S. as well as even hung around in East Africa for several years, doing goal work.

Believe it or not, Brennan has a son—– not biological, yet instead, a boy he was mentoring who stayed in traumatic conditions. “& ldquo; Camera is my kid. He & rsquo; s 19 years old and at college now. Yet I’& rsquo; ve had him as my kid for regarding 3 years. He required me, and I put my life into him,” & rdquo

; claims Brennan

. Thanks To Jon Brennan’In the meanwhile, Brennan & rsquo; s dad died, and also it got him to considering attempting to obtain his country music job going once more. “& ldquo; I intended to be an effective c and w artist while he was still alive. He saw me do a lot of performances and also a great deal of vocal singing. However I place’& rsquo; t sung at the Grand Ole Opry. I wear’& rsquo; t have a hit record’on the radio. I & rsquo; m not a well-known vocalist. I & rsquo; m a well established fact celebrity, & rdquo; says Brennan. & ldquo; When he began to get sick, I’began to think. I & rsquo; m growing older. I require to do this. I miss it, and I wish to do this for him. [However] I & rsquo; m”

not simply doing it for him & rdquo; In December 2020, serendipity struck for Brennan. But this time around, it was The Real Life Homecoming: Los Angeles. They were attempting to get the original cast with each other, and also it turns out Brennan was still in contact with every one of them. Brennan believed, “& ldquo; I’& rsquo; m doing this. I & rsquo; m going to take advantage of this. I mean, I took advantage of it the very first time, but I saw it as a 2nd opportunity to have a lot of direct exposure actually swiftly and advise everybody that Jon Brennan still exists,” & rdquo; he says. In August of 2021, they filmed a reunion with almost two of the actors companions.

In the meantime, Brennan connected with some close friends, including Shooter Jennings, the child of country terrific Waylon Jennings. He linked Brennan with a Grammy-award-winning songwriter that dealt with Brennan on some tracks. Brennan called one more pal, and also they also created a song together. After he returned from shooting the Homecoming, Brennan had just adequate time to record the vocals as well as issue his EP.

Throughout the reunion season, Brennan returned to the same place where he had formerly won an ability program during the initial period. He executed tunes for his roomies and also fans, and he had a blast doing it.

Although his music is on Pandora, Apple Music, as well as Spotify, Brennan also offers CDs on

And he still has high wish for his c and w future. “& ldquo; I intend to sing at the Grand Old Opry. I want to be a member of it. I wish to get on the radio. I wish to open up for George Strait on tour. I intend to be out there in a significant means,” & rdquo; Brennan states. & ldquo; I attempt to be authentic in every little thing that I do. At the end of the day, I simply want to be an excellent person.”

& rdquo; Like he says in among his brand-new tunes, “& ldquo; I Ain & rsquo; t Done Singin & rsquo;

Yet. & rdquo; Watch The Real Life Homecoming: Los Angeles on Paramount Plus. The original Real life Season 2 is offered on Prime as well as Paramount And Also.

Jon Brennan with child Web cam. Courtesy Jon Brennan

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