Ella Rouwen Chen Directs Her Own Life

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Ella Rouwen Chen recognized she was predestined for bigger stages after performing a Chinese folk dancing show in front of a tourist bus. She recalls breaking into dance after her mother’& rsquo; s coworkers motivated her. “& ldquo; If a person played music, I would certainly be dancing, which came to be well-known within my parents’ & rsquo; social circle., & rdquo; says Chen. & ldquo; I displayed a routine I learned in my Sunday dance class.”

& rdquo; Chen invested her childhood years in Shanghai. When she remained in high school, she was able to invest three weeks attending a cinema as well as literature camp in the USA throughout her summer season break. The experience made her understand how much she intended to do. “& ldquo; We did cinema every mid-day from Monday to Friday for three weeks, as well as I had the very best time ever. On the day we ended up the program, I sobbed for hrs since I didn’& rsquo; t wish to bid farewell to acting. It took me a couple of months later to choose I intend to pursue this, but I realized then that I couldn’& rsquo; t not be acting, & rdquo

; states Chen. Making Modifications However after

she relocated to LA when she was 18 to go to UCLA, College of Movie Theater, Movie and Television, she was ill-prepared for the society adjustment.

“& ldquo; I assumed I wouldn & rsquo; t experience much society shock when I came right here, but that was not the case.,” & rdquo; she confesses. & ldquo; China and the U.S. are 2 really different countries. I wasn & rsquo; t certain for some time what I must as well as shouldn’& rsquo;

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t do. & rdquo; Despite the fact that Chen was already rather fluent in English, she had difficulty recognizing nuances of the language as well as society. “& ldquo; I took a screenwriting course with a couple other theater schoolmates in college. On the very first day of the class, we were asked what our favored films are. I was sitting in the facility of the lecture hall and also shouted out my answer first. Manhattan by the Coastline! The teacher turned around and was about to write it on the board; when turned back about, he stated, ‘& lsquo; Manhattan by the Coastline? Do you indicate Manchester by the Sea?’”

& rsquo; & rdquo; Ella Rouwen Chen Finding Her Own Path

She kept a lot of her battles to herself and also did not speak with pals or household about a few of the challenges she came across. “& ldquo; This only made the adjusting procedure lonelier and also harder,” & rdquo; she claims. & ldquo; Later on, the mix of being a lot more open regarding my challenges and also being fully submersed in the culture made me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I started seeing more similarities than differences.”

& rdquo; Ella Rouwen Chen got the 2019 Steve Lawrence as well as Eydie Gorme Scholarship, as well as is fluent in Mandarin chinese and also Shanghainese. She believes her experience in the arts in addition to academics, as well as her immersion in China as well as America, offers her an unique perspective on the globe as well as its current scenario. Yet the doubts still see her every occasionally.

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“& ldquo; I use a piece of knowledge shared by my coach to manage these questions. I thank them for trying to protect me yet ask to chill out a little,” & rdquo; she says. & ldquo; I additionally advise myself that it has always been my objective to be in the arts and also entertainment industry in both nations, so possibly my journey looks a bit various from every person else.”

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Anything that recharges me: reading, practicing meditation, exercising, yoga exercise, or journaling. I would certainly like to assist at a pet shelter after my immune bodies build up from my vaccine!


[If time or cash were no object, where would certainly you like to go –– anywhere in the globe or beyond?]

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I would love to enhance my Latin ballroom skills and also ballet skills.

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