I’m Not a Doctor, but I Play One on the Web

I'm Not a Doctor, but I Play One on the Web photo 0

While I enjoy the Net, there’& rsquo; s one point regarding it that makes me run shouting away from my computer system.

Is it since I can learn—– up to the min—– what situation is going on in the lives of every Kardashian?


Because I keep getting ads that ask if I wish to become a million-dollar real estate representative?

Well, that’& rsquo; s bothersome, yet, um, no.

Since every location I look, there’& rsquo; s information on what Dr. Oz considers weight-loss?

Once more, worsening, yet that’& rsquo;

s not it either & hellip; It & rsquo; s due to the fact that anytime I & rsquo; ve sought out anything medically associated on the internet, I come actually near to becoming a cyberchondriac.


I’& rsquo; ll admit that I take excellent care of myself. Which I will have something checked out with my doc if I think it’& rsquo; s a worry.

But, fair caution, make certain to never ever enter a couple of signs and symptoms and after that do a search.


Let’& rsquo; s just say that you as well might wind up screaming like a, calling your spouse sobbing, and begin distributing your treasured properties due to the fact that you’& rsquo; re sure that you & rsquo; ve developed a dreadful condition that will certainly lead to dreadful pain, deteriorating of arm or legs, as well as complete spontaneous burning.

Um, not that I ever before did that. Nope, not me.

If you believe I’& rsquo; m joking, attempt this instance: When I enter “& ldquo; frustration & rdquo;—as well as & ldquo; eye stress & rdquo;– 2 points that happen to me in some cases when my seasonal allergies break down–– here’& rsquo; s what turns up: Tension frustration.

Okay, I obtain that.


Not in this case, but that makes good sense also.

Glaucoma & hellip;

What??!! Now I’& rsquo; m flipping out a little bit.

I vow, I seem like I can enter that I have a cut on my arm, and also if I looked sufficient with the search engine result, I would certainly end up having an infection, gangrene, and after that an amputation.

Let me attempt an additional one, you recognize, simply for kicks.

I’& rsquo; ll enter & ldquo; stomach discomfort. & rdquo; Let & rsquo; s see

what comes up.

Bowel irregularity. Well, I can see that.

Irritable Digestive Tract Disorder.

Yeah, that makes sense too.

A cardiac arrest.




Cancer cells, of lots of kinds.

Um, how regarding the burrito I simply consumed? Or the broccoli? Or another thing ?!

This is why I no longer look up medical symptoms online. Due to the fact that each time I do, I wind up convinced that I am either about to get the farm & hellip;

Kick the bucket.

Money in my chips.

Okay, you see.

I’& rsquo; m not claiming that you shouldn’& rsquo; t check out many various other things online. Want a new set of shoes? Certain. Wish some new books? Definitely.

Yet I believe there are simply some points that we require to entrust to the professionals—– and also actually let them talk with us or see what’& rsquo;

s incorrect. Since or else, you could look your signs, and then go to bed, frightened to head to sleep since you are frightened that you will awaken with a foot outgrowing your head.

Um, not that I’& rsquo; ve ever done that prior to & hellip;

Michele “& ldquo; Wojo & rdquo; Wojciechowski, when she’& rsquo; s not desperately trying to keep herself away from the computer due to the fact that she’& rsquo; s found a brand-new freckle on her arm, creates “& ldquo; Wojo & rsquo; s World & reg; from Baltimore. She & rsquo; s also the writer of the acclaimed wit book Following Time I Relocate, They’& rsquo; ll Lug Me Out in a Box. You can connect with Wojo on or on.

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