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The smiley face is an iconic symbol of happiness. Originally created by Harvey Ball in 1963, it has come to represent good will and cheerfulness. In his later years, however, Harvey Ball became concerned that the smiley face was losing its original meaning because of its commercialization. As a result, he founded the World Smile Foundation.

The foundation’s mission is to promote kindness and empathy through the promotion of smiles. To achieve this, the foundation hopes to make World Smile Day a national holiday, bringing together thousands of children and the masses to create positive changes in the world. This day is also marked by many special events and activities, including sidewalk chalk activities and circus performances.

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The first World Smile Day was established in 1999, and is celebrated each year on the first Friday of October. The day has since become a global celebration of smiles. The World Smile Foundation organizes events, including the world’s largest human smiley face, and many other fun activities. Although the day began in Worcester, Massachusetts, it has spread worldwide.

On World Smile Day, people are encouraged to spread kindness and positivity by doing random acts of kindness. These can be as simple as thanking the mailman or visiting grandma with flowers. If you do something nice, don’t forget to share it on social media with the hashtag #WorldSmileDay.

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Harvey Ball was a graphic artist who first created the famous smiley graphic picture in 1963. This image eventually became an international icon and became a part of many commercial campaigns. In 1999, Ball decided to donate the profits he earned through his business to charities, which he named the World Smile Foundation. The organization now focuses on giving smiles to children in need.

The Wormtown Brewery has partnered with the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation to promote a postcard campaign. The goal of the campaign is to help provide meals to those in need and bring a smile to their faces. In this way, the company hopes to spread a smile to the world by bringing the smile of a child to a hungry family.

A smiley face symbol was created by Harvey Ball, a commercial artist who died in 2001. The smiley face is now widely used on clothing, coffee mugs, and pins. The foundation hopes that the smiley face will inspire smiles all over the world. The foundation continues to be the official sponsor of the World Smile Day.

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