How Old Was Anna Todd When She Wrote After?

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Anna Todd never went to college and married a month after she graduated high school. After that, she worked at a makeup counter and at an IRS processing center. Her love for fan fiction made her want to write. She spent about eight hours a day writing, five hours on the story and three hours interacting with her fans. After graduation, she re-considered going to college.

The author of the After series is 29 years old and was born in Dayton, Ohio. She started writing the series using her iPhone. Then, she posted it on Wattpad and the story has received over a billion reads. The series follows the adventures of bookworm Tessa and her tortured romance with One Direction lead singer Hardin. The After series has received a lot of positive press, and the fans have largely embraced it.

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The After series was initially published as a four-book deal by Simon & Schuster. It has received positive reviews worldwide and reached the New York Times best-seller list. The books have been translated into 35 languages. They have also been adapted into a feature film. The film will star Selma Blair and Hardin Scott.

Todd also founded a production company called “Frayed Pages,” which will publish her future projects and those of other writers. In 2015, Todd announced that she would publish a prequel to After called “Before.” The book tells the events of After from Hardin Scott’s perspective. This novel is a retelling of Louise May Alcott’s novel Little Women.

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Todd’s After series has fueled a wave of popularity after it was published. It sold out many bookstores, became a popular movie, and even spawned a TV series. The series has also been optioned by Paramount Pictures. The series has garnered a billion reads on Wattpad, and the book was read by more than one billion people. Todd’s novel has a massive fan following with over 10 million unique readers and six million comments.

Todd is an avid reader of fan fiction. The series follows Tessa as she cheats on her high school boyfriend with Harry Styles, loses her virginity, and tries alcohol. The fan fiction has been a hit with millions of readers. It has even inspired commenters to request plot points and create memes related to the story. The fan-fiction has reached a billion reads on Wattpad, where Todd first published it.

Anna Todd’s fan base was so great that she sold the film rights to her fan fiction. Her first book, Juvenile, was a bestselling bestseller. She wrote after that book four more. The movie was the next logical step. Despite the controversy surrounding her book, the success of the movie made Anna Todd a famous author.

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