The Umbrella: An Open and Shut Case for Film

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The ancient developer of the umbrella either meant to secure a fantastic hairdo, or throw some color on a bright day. But considering that the development of that canopy for one (or more if you make love), it has actually taken place to claim a place in film.

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The mind resembles an umbrella. Its most useful when open. Find out more:

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Words umbrella likely came from the Latin word umbrel (a dome designed blossom) or umbra (darkness or color). The umbrella’& rsquo; s pen names, parasol, is derived from the origin words para, implying to stop or to protect, and also sol, implying sunlight. Yet a French version, parapluie, incorporates roots para and also pluie, suggesting rainfall. It is likely that the initial umbrella’& rsquo; s responsibility was more of a shielding device than a rainfall cover. In fact, Egyptian art illustrates slaves meticulously holding umbrella-shaped items over the heads of aristocracy.

To celebrate Umbrella Month, we discovered 20 movies –– as well as 1 Netflix collection –– where the umbrella plays a supporting duty:

4 Weddings as well as a Funeral (1994 )

Mary Poppins (1964 )

BladeRunner (1982 )

Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964 )

The Incredible Spiderman (2012 )

Moulin Rouge (2001 )

Singing in the Rainfall (1952 )

The Umbrella Academy (2019 )

Funny Face (1957 )

Batman Returns (1992 )

For Your Eyes Only (1981 )

The Kingsman: The Key Solution (2014 )

Iron Monkey (1993 )

My Fair Girl (1964 )

Pleasantville (1998 )

Between Showers (1914 )

Lost in Translation (2003 )

Shadow (2019 )

The Blue Umbrella (2013 )

Little Women (1994 )

Breakfast at Tiffany’& rsquo; s (1961 )

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