If you would like to contribute to Big Purple Marble, we would love to hear from you! And we thank you – you will be paying it forward by sharing information with a community of all ages, who are looking for new personal frontiers. We create our world by thinking and wondering.

Because we are just beginning this new adventure, we are seeking guest bloggers for all three of Big Purple Marble categories: Play, Explore, and Expand. There is room for interpretation, but here is a list of topics we are covering:

Play: New (family-friendly) games, art and theater, sports, fun destinations or events, and things that make you laugh or jump for joy. This could include posts such as: how to build and/or fly a kite; top new video games for children; how to get the most out of a day at a theme park; create a one-act play; etc. The topics are endless!

Explore: Discover your world through travel or other forms of exploration. Post topics could include: top 10 places to find peace; a day of fun in a particular city; how to camp in a national park or foreign country; etc.

Expand: Learn and grow by experiencing your world. Tell us about good people doing amazing things; incredible inventions or discoveries in science or technology; historical or current oddities; etc.


We are looking for teaching topics that allow others to challenge themselves in some way, to laugh, or to simply love life a little bit more. We want them to stop on our site, smile, and share an article with someone they love. We want them to be inspired to do something new, or to welcome someone new into their circle of friends. We have no physical borders of any kind. We offer respect and expect the same, both in posts and in comments.

Posts can be of any length over 500 words. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to pay for guest blog posts, but will include your bio and social media contact information, as well as links back to your webpage or blog site. We ask for We value both our readers and our contributors.

How To Submit A Guest Post

You don’t have to write your guest post in its entirety before you submit it to us. Just send us an email with your ideas to: New writers are welcome to submit ideas – we’ll work with you to create a post you’ll be proud to share!